Science Magazine Layout and Identity

I designed the layout and identity for my school's science journal, Wavelength. Previously, articles could only be accessed by visiting a website. Now, as a print publication that will be distributed to students, the articles will get much more exposure. I also created a set of logos for the journal, which are displayed on the cover and website.

Above are a few pages from the journal (the entire layout is 51 pages). I separated some sections with divider pages, which allowed me to display extra large images spanning both pages. One of the challenges of this project was the fact that some authors revised their articles before I had finished the layout, so I needed to make changes on the fly.

After many iterations, I settled on the above logos for Wavelength. This design is clean and easy to spot from afar. I used the sans-serif font Overpass, which is more rounded than similar fonts like Helvetica and Arial. Finally, drawing on the fact that Wavelength is a scientific journal, I added a rainbow at the bottom. The rainbow not only represents the color spectrum, but each color adds up to the one that precedes it, following the fibonacci sequence.

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