My Process

As a college student with years of design experience under my belt, I can bring a fresh perspective and tackle problems that you or your business face. I take a two-pronged approach when working with clients.

Project Timeline

  Step 1: Initial Consultation

I will begin by meeting with you to assess what kind of work is needed. If your business already has an identity, I want to make sure that anything I create is consistent with its branding and image. If you do not have an established identity, I can work with you to create one!

  Step 2: Content Creation

Next, I will design marketing materials tailored to your specifications. I will keep in touch and run designs by you as necessary.

  Step 3: Delivery

Before I deliver the completed work, I will meet with you to sign off on it. If necessary, I will make last-minute revisions to ensure that you are happy with your work.

Let's work together.

Fill out the form below with your design request. I will get back to you as soon as I can, and once we narrow down the scope of your project, I will provide a quote. I am excited to work with you!